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Having photographed and documented life and culture on every continent has become an extension of the research and work I do to better understand globalization and to see first-hand the modern-day trends affecting business, government, and cultural development efforts.— Derran Eaddy, M.A.

The Solstik global photography collection captures images from significant cultural landmarks and lesser-known places. Images from the 70+ page, full-color book represent a cross-section of our world, connecting old-world civilizations to today's modernism. Each of the seven continents are represented. 

Images from the Seven Continents Book Talk

There are more than 7.5 billion people on our planet, with our population increasing by 85 million each year. Since the industrial revolution, population growth has increased exponentially. Throughout the history of mankind, only a small fraction of a percent of people have reached each of our planet’s seven continents. One of the most difficult parts: navigating around a world with 7,000 different spoken languages. Among the nearly 200 countries on our planet, there are so many different cultures, traditions, and ways of life; yet they are all tied together by some fundamental human characteristics.

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