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What's up? Hope you're doing well and getting some spring weather. I wanted to touch base about my work on Solstik. I post a lot on my Facebook page, but here are some other things that I’m working on now:      

Solstik Booked to Perform Music at the Pro Spyder Cup After-Party
I’ve been fortunate to partner with pro skateboard legend Steve Steadham on his upcoming Spyder Cup contest in Atlanta, GA. He has been an inspiration to me since 1986 when he was riding with Tony Hawk. They were on the breakthrough Bones Brigade skateboard team together. 

Steve's inaugural Pro Spyder Cup event will be held on June 13 and 14 at the Kennesaw Skatepark in Atlanta, GA. I'm booked to perform music at the event after-party, and will also produce a contest video for Steve to use in promoting future events. It should be an awesome experience, and I’ll keep you posted on it!!!

Here's me hanging out with Steve Steadham at an amateur Spyder Cup competition in Columbia, SC. Check out more on Facebook.

Parting the Snow for the House of Vans Show
Earlier this year, I narrowly dodged the late January blizzard and made it to New York City to perform my Solstik songs at the House of Vans skatepark and music venue. I played to a packed house, then got to skateboard for the rest of the night. It was another dream come true for me. If you don’t know, the Vans shoes from the 1960s have made an incredible comeback and are again among the world’s most popular athletic shoes. I played this venue last year too and love it there. 

Here’s a link to last year’s House of Vans performance if you haven’t seen it.

What to Tell the Kids?
When I run into kids at skateparks these day, I’m not sure what to tell them. Life is not a one-size-fits-all journey. But we can at least pitch in together and keep working to make our world a better place. I’m already engaging young people on social media, and I get the sense that many of them want to be a part of something good. 

You can amplify my message that hard work pays off by gifting Solstik skateboards, shirts and stickers to some of the at-risk youth interested in the sport. If you don’t know a kid who could use a lift, believe me when I say, I see them pretty much every day. Just let me know if you would like to give someone the gift of skateboarding. It will change a life and make a difference.

Here are some photos where I gave out boards and hosted free events in the past.

Solstik Skate and Music Sessions Return for the Spring and Summer
As the warm weather rolls in, I’m working with others in DC and all along the East Coast to bring music and skateboarding events to parks. We’re working to give riders events they can relate to and motivate them to move in a positive direction. Today, skateboarding, music and other extreme sports have crossed over into the mainstream to become legitimate, lifelong outlets and career paths. We’re looking forward to another great summer, and hope you'll be inspired by our courage to keep pushing forward. Check out some of last year's event photos on Facebook.   

Please feel free to drop me a line anytime. Check my Facebook page for regular updates. And shop online to support. It’s always appreciated.  

Take care, 

Derran Eaddy
Solstik Creative Founder 



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