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Get Your SK8 On!!!

Want to throw some events at skateparks? Solstik is down for it.

Last year, Solstik hosted skateboard sessions in the Washington, DC area with contests, music, food, special guests, and skate and apparel vendors. This year, we’re taking the show on the road and want you to be a part of them.

Our sessions actively promote skating, music and the lifestyle brands supporting the industry. We are moving in a positive direction, and motivating riders, musicians and their friends to keep rolling with us.

Solstik is currently seeking partnerships with:
  • Skateboard Companies, Parks and Shops
  • Apparel Companies and Other Merchants
  • Live Bands, DJs, MCs
  • Food/Beverage Trucks/Vendors
  • Alternative Youth Programs

Event Components

The events will be held at private indoor and public outdoor skateparks to help park owners and municipalities increase use of their facilities.

Best Trick Contests
Several small contests will be held to keep the events rockin'. Best trick contests will give groups of skaters 20 to 30 minutes to perform their best trick on a particular obstacle in the park.

Skateboard products, apparel, cash and other prizes contributed by sponsors will be given away to contest winners. 

Solstik will DJ throughout the day and open the mic to rap battles. Parks may also invite other musicians to perform. 

Parks may sell food and drinks or invite outside vendors. 

Skateboard, apparel and other vendors will be invited to set up booths to sell and display their merchandise. Some donated products will be used as contest prizes.

The events will be promoted primarily through social media, email, websites and flyers. Vendors and merchants will also partner in promotional responsibilities.

Admission and Contest Fees
Small admission fees will be charged to enter the events, as well as fees charged to compete in the contests. Fees will be used to offset the costs of the events.

Events in the DC area attracted more than 100 people with less than $200 in grass roots marketing costs each. We grew with each successive event and got lots of great feedback. With your support, this year's tour will be an even greater success and will do much more to promote skateboarding and music. 

Motivational Messaging
The events will provide opportunities to conduct outreach to at-risk youth and deliver messaging about the value of education, discipline and career goals. 

Full Day Events
The events will be scheduled for a full day allowing:
  • A variety of small contests with giveaways to be held
  • Speakers to give short talks 
  • Several musicians to perform 
  • Vendors time to reach their customers
  • People options to attend at a convenient time
  • Young children to skate more freely at early open sessions
  • Mature attendees to enjoy the late afternoon and evening sessions

2014 Event Photos

Here are a few of the events he has been involved with:

  • Performed music at the House of Vans skate and music venue in Brooklyn, New York
  • Booked to perform music at the Legends Pro Skate Contest after-party on June 13 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Opened for Pro Skate Legend Ron Allen at the Velvet Lounge in Washington, DC
  • Hosted a Solstik Video Shoot Party at the Charmcity Skateboard Park in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Partnered in the Friday Night Lights skate and music sessions at the Wakefield Skatepark outside of Washington, DC
  • Hosted a Solstik Skate and Music Session at the Powhatan Springs Skatepark in Arlington, VA (near DC)
  • Partnered in the A Frame Challenge skate contest at Lake Fairfax Skatepark in Reston, VA (near DC)
  • Regularly performed at Busboys and Poets music venues in Washington, DC
  • Performed music at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Performed music on the 6th St. corridor in Austin, Texas

Contact: Derran Eaddy

Solstik: The Force of Light

Solstik Creative Founder Derran Eaddy rode for Element Skateboards and was a New Mexico Commissioner on Higher on Education appointed by then Governor Bruce King. He worked in the education field for seven years and holds a master’s degree in Mass Communications.

As the Sun illuminates our world and sustains life, Solstik radiates the force of light through skateboarding, music, photography and other creative outlets.

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