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Last summer, I wanted to see a different part of the world. So I took a trip through Southeast Asia. One stop along the way was Bangkok. I checked out the Buddhist temples, Chinatown and just experienced the culture.

It was an amazing place, so I'm sad to see the unrest that has broken out recently. I pray for the people there and hope they can find peace.  

I brought my Nikon camera set up and tried to capture as much of the experience as possible. It was interesting to see an infinity pool on the 14th floor of the Eastin high-rise hotel, a solid gold Buddha statue worth $250 million, and thousand of people eating dinner at streetside restaurants. 

The stark contrast between the underdeveloped neighborhoods and the luxurious downtown areas couldn't be missed. I see the wealth gap everywhere I go, but in Southeast Asia there are clusters of makeshift shelters right next to modern buildings.  

There was a lot too see, and I was only there for a few day. But I could see why Bangkok has been one of the world's top travel destinations in the last few years. 

Check out my photos from Bangkok on my Flickr page and leave some comments if you see anything you like.

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